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Why Settle for Less…when your home is worth much more

In less then 18 seconds a potential buyer forms an idea of whether or not they feel comfortable in the home for sale.  Being able to envision themselves and their possessions in your house is crucial for buyers and the sale. Real estate staging is the process of removing clutter and arranging your home for the new homebuyer. The home becomes a blank canvas for potential buyers.

The first step in real-estate staging is creating "Curb Appeal". We pay close attention to detail when enhancing exterior "Curb Appeal". It adds the needed boost to get the potential homebuyer to enter your home. 

“Most homes staged for sale by Clutter Organizers, sell faster on the real estate market and often for a higher price.”

The way we create this is through paint, plants, shutters, new fixtures, and a good, thorough cleaning. The exterior of a house gives the buyer his/her first impression, so it is imperative to put your best foot forward. 

During the interior staging process, we remove all personal items from the home to make it "buyer friendly".  While going through personal items, we employ our PDA method of de-cluttering, which is, purge, donate, or adopt.

  • Purge - getting rid of personal possessions you no longer want or need.
  • Donate - you are giving unwanted items to a charity or organization that offers these items to someone who needs them.
  • Adopt - when you keep an item, it means that you will have a good home for it in your new house.

After the personal item removal, space planning and design geared toward the homebuyer's eye, are then implemented to maximize the layout of each room. Showroom appeal is what the buyer is looking for in purchasing your home for sale. Most homes staged for sale by Clutter Organizers, sell faster on the real estate market and often for a higher price. If what you want is a higher selling price and a faster sale, real estate staging is for you.

By having a home staged you can spend time on important tasks like keeping the family happy before, during and after the move. Moving is a stressful time and therefore the less you have to worry about the better. In this home staging process we teach you how to organize and de-clutter, by methods that make the move to the new home more pleasant. What are you waiting for? Call today and ask how you can make turn prospects into homebuyers and get more money from the sale of your home.

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Please contact us about home staging today...

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