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We started this business as general contractors with an emphasis on construction management and interior design. On most of our jobs, we had to be organizers first before the job could be started. Clearing out the enormous amounts of clutter seem to be the beginning of most jobs. How could you build that nice new kitchen for your client knowing that you had to deal with the 90 cans of soup, outdated stuff shoved in the drawers and the 150 or so boxes that they had crammed into the cabinets? So the process would begin, empty all of the cabinets and now what? Where do all of these boxes and cans go? How about the tricycle in the pantry, or the leftover TV Guide from 1978 that featured the Saturday Night Live cast on the cover. These are just a few things we have had to deal with in the many years of doing business.


When we came back a year later we found in this new kitchen, had been stuffed again with another 150 cans and 300 remember that tricycle that was in the pantry? Well, it ended up in the 3 car garage, where the car has not fit in at least 2 years. The funny thing is the child that the tricycle was purchased for went off to college this last May. With the way gas prices are maybe he could commute back and forth to Community College on it?
I think you get the idea.The problems we encountered were that most of our American clients did not have the time to enjoy the possessions they owned because often they were inundated with stuff which turns into CLUTTER. That remodeled kitchen we did, that cost the client quite a bit, could be barely recognized after a year. Was it that the client wanted to throw away good money or was it the fact that they just did not have a system in place to keep that nicely renovated room CLUTTER FREE.

Clutter Organizers devised a system that works we call our
CMS - Content Management System.  The CMS is an individual system based upon tried and true practices which enable the client to manage items by having a place for everything. Anything that come into your home or office will have a space specifically design for it following your individually created CMS.

  • everything must have a place and there is only so much space
  • clutter can not be sanitized, disinfected, purified or sterilized...only reduced.
  • possessions are never as important as people

House on a Diet
With so much being marketed and targeted at us it is no wonder our homes and businesses are filled to the brim. Funny how there is so much information out there on the weight epidemic, and about putting your body on a diet, but not your house The same premise works for your home. It cannot consume all of the stuff you put into it. Just as you would measure the portions of food, so would you to measure the intake of Stuff that makes your house FAT.

Call today and see how Clutter Organizers can help you gain control.

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