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Is your Kitchen Organized?
Questions to Ask Yourself
Take a few minutes to answer these questions about your kitchen. If  you answered yes to some of them, then you may need to hire a professional organizer. Call Clutter Organizers

Kitchen Clutter QuestionsLook around your kitchen. Are all or most of your countertops cluttered with everything from mail, toys, leftovers, bread, dirty dishes, and just stale stuff?

Kitchen Clutter QuestionsAre you kitchen cabinet doors unable to shut because they are filled to capacity? Are the cabinet drawers sticking each time you close them?

Kitchen Clutter QuestionsDo you eat in the kitchen? If so, do you have to clear the counter top in order to prepare something to eat?

Kitchen Clutter QuestionsAre there at least three appliances, probably store on top of your kitchen counter, that have not been used in at least six months?


Kitchen Clutter QuestionsHave you opened an upper cabinet, only to have something come tumbling out that breaks another object that was being stored on the counter top?

Kitchen Clutter QuestionsCan you make dinner without having to run to the grocery store to get that forgotten item?

Kitchen Clutter QuestionsHave you had a guest that you have over to entertain lately but tried to keep them from coming into your kitchen?

Kitchen Clutter QuestionsIf you have a pantry, do you store items other than kitchen supplies, appliances or groceries?

Kitchen Clutter QuestionsDoes your kitchen collect all of your mail, some laundry, some shoes, and any other things/stuff that canít seem to find a home in the rest of the house?

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